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Moss Removal & Treatment

Did you know that you could lose your homeowner’s insurance if moss is growing on your roof?

-Moss causes your shingles to deteriorate more quickly.
-Moss buildup raises shingles allowing water to get under resulting in rotting and possible leaking.
-Moss soaks up water; which keeps your roof wet.

Services include Lightly brush the bulk of the moss off of the roof, blow roof free of debris and then apply a moss treatment to kill remaining moss.  We use 50/50 mix hypochlorite (bleach) and water for treatment.  This is recommended by A.R.M.A (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.  We recommend applying moss treatment once per year. 


Moss Removal / Moss Treatment Starts at $450

Moss Treatment Only



Gutter Cleaning

Services include removal of debris inside gutters, clearing clogs from elbows in your gutter system, performing a water flow test and clean up.



Under 2,499 sq ft - $200

2,500 sq ft - 2,999 sq ft - $250

3,000 sq ft - 3,500 sq ft -$300

3,501 sq ft -3,999 sq ft -$350

4,000+ sq ft- Starts at $450

An additional $150 for all roofs other than composite - i.e cedar shake, metal, tile...


Pressure Washing

Immediate visible home improvement with professional exterior home cleaning. Available for concrete driveways and patios.


 Driveway, walkways & patio services- Start at $200


Did you know the life time of a gutter system is about 20 years? When we neglect the proper maintenance our gutters need  we can tear that number in half, leaving us with high repair or replacement bills. Routine maintenance prevents clogging conditions which cause most gutter related problems.  As most gutter systems will go bad due to neglect, our routine maintenance will increase the life of your gutters, the pitch of your gutters, downspouts, fascia, soffit, house, and most importantly it will help prevent water damage to your homes foundation. PGC guarantees your gutters most efficient operation year round. 

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