Close up of power-washing wand tip spraying water into a gutter.

Dirty Windows?

Scheduling regular window cleaning can extend the life of your windows and save you money in the long run. For exterior window cleaning, screens and tracks, we take a safe, innovative approach. We use a water fed pole and a HydroPower Ultra DI Tank. The system creates 100% pure water through ion exchange. Tap water is purified of minerals and contaminants (calcium, magnesium), for the fastest and most efficient outdoor glass cleaning to achieve the perfect spot free finish you want on your windows without wiping or polishing. Interior Window and track Cleaning is done with a window mop and squeegee. Tracks are brushed and vacuumed out. All pricing is calculated per window pane. You can see how we count windows on this page to help you see what the total investment will be.

There are three reason to have your windows cleaned routinely:


Next to location, light is the second most quoted reason a person chooses a house.

Graphic of a window being cleaned.
Graphic of window cleaning spray in front of sparkling window.


Helps avoid etching, commonly caused by hard water from sprinklers and hoses.

Increased value & curb appeal

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Graphic of cleaning spray bottle in front of a house and shield.

How We Count Windows

1 Window

Graphic of arch top window.
Graphic of window with arched top window above.
Front door with transom and sidelight windows.
Graphic of window with knob on right side.
Graphic of tall rectangular window.

2 Windows

Graphic of double sash window.
Graphic of a wide rectangular window.
Double sash window with 6 panes in each portion of the window.
Horizontal Sliding Window.

3 Windows

Graphic of horizontal sliding window with transom window above.
Three pane horizontal sliding window.
Horizontal sliding window with top arched window above.
Graphic of bay window with double sash windows on each side.

Total Investment

Exterior / Interior
Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Tracks
  • Screens
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Window Cleaning

  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Tracks
  • Screens
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